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Wahoo Enhances the Value of Your Fitness App

Wahoo Fitness has been a leading provider of wireless fitness sensors and mobile applications to the active athlete who normally exercises outside. We’ve asked ourselves though , what happens when someone works out indoors, on a treadmill for example? Can Wahoo help these club going athletes track their performance as well?

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This is where our gym focused solutions come in.

Building on our expertise in wireless technology and high volume manufacturing, we have created our GEM wireless OEM module designed specifically for fitness equipment We are working with the leading manufacturers of fitness equipment across the industry to incorporate our GEM module so as you purchase new machines for your club, your members can take full advantage of Wahoo’s wireless sensor and mobile application expertise.

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Complementing our OEM module will be our retrofit module bringing the same wireless connectivity found on newer equipment to a club’s existing fitness equipment population.

We are also extending our connectivity and application expertise to the fitness studio where we will offer a software platform to engage, motivate and record group fitness workouts.

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If you are interested in learning more about our software and hardware solutions complete the contact form here.